Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Museum role takes student by surprise

Our undergraduates have the opportunity to undertake a variety of placements during the course of their studies.

Second year student Mitchell Henderson is currently working as an Event Supervisor at the Lancashire Fusilier Museum, Bury.

Mitchell is gaining experience across all aspects of the business including museum tours, event management and customer service.

He also assists on the bar when necessary and is learning the financial side of the operation - creating invoices for clients, cashing up tills and banking.

Mitchell commented: "I've learned so much after just a month at the museum, but there's so much more for me to learn and to come my way. I've been left to run things on my own on several occasions, as they feel I have the ability to work with minimal supervision and they know I'll do a good job.

"I've been involved with several events at the museum and each one has been different. These have included a regimental dinner, a three-day conference, an NHS event and an 'English Folk Expo' which consisted of a small concert then a dinner for 50 in the evening.

"We recently had a free-to-enter open day, which was mainly for children. I hid 30 keys around the museum for children to look for, with the winner getting to open our new floor. I'm currently helping to organise a black tie launch dinner for 150 attendees."

Mitchell said that working in a museum probably wouldn't have crossed his mind during his first year, but he now feels right at home.

"It's such an unusual venue for events and that's what makes it great as it's a unique experience, plus you meet so many different people along the way," said Mitchell. "My favourite event so far was the conference. It was amazing to meet so many different clients from around the world (America, France and Germany). It was long hours and hard work, but it was worth it.

"The main thing I've learned is you have to be a jack of all trades but master of none. Knowing event management is not the main key to success - I must have knowledge in all aspects from hospitality to even tourism.

"I'd most certainly recommend this placement to other students, it’s one of a kind and the entire staff are so friendly. You not only get trained with the best of standards, but also get to learn the museum's history along the way. Before I started I knew nothing about Fusilier's, but I'm slowly learning and won't want to leave by the end of it."

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