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Caroline Hinchliffe's motto of 'work hard, play hard' has paid off in style as she progresses up the Event Management ladder.

"I've always had a keen interest in music festivals and similar types of events. When looking at UCLan some of the modules were festival related which really caught my eye.

"I started out as a complete novice to assignments and what academic life entailed. Coming to UCLan I learned the difference between a report and an essay and even general grammar. I went through a really tough time and had lots of self-doubt, but the tutors and other students really helped me overcome this.

"With UCLan being a smaller university you really feel a part of a community and you're not just a number - the teachers actually know your name and are happy to help you. I made some true friends from my time at UCLan and can honestly say it was the making of me as a person."

After graduating in 2012 Caroline secured a role with KPMG, initially working on reception before going to manage events for the CEO at Canary Wharf. In 2014 she joined Facebook UK as Events Coordinator, a job she describes as her 'dream role'.

"My motto has always been work hard, play hard and my tutors will confirm I lived up to that when I was at UCLan, but I wouldn't have got to where I am without hard work. Despite working in corporate I feel I haven't changed – it's nice to have a balance. I've achieved more than I could ever imagine and been a part of things I thought would not be possible."

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