Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rodeo at Revs

The Wild West came to Preston when 2nd Year Event students organised a 'Rodeo at Revs' event at Revolution.

The venue was suitably decorated for the occasion, with those in attendance wearing fancy dress to create a real Wild West Saloon atmosphere.

A wide range of entertainment was on offer including a banjo and fiddle playing duo, a singing duo, a group and a playlist guests could vote for via Facebook.

Part of the 'Events in Action' module, the evening was hugely successful, raising £900 for Barnardo's including money the group raised from a street collection in Liverpool. Seb Field helped coordinate the event.

"Rodeo at Revs was a fantastic success. Although it was not always stress-free, I thoroughly enjoyed the organisational aspect of the event. This experience taught me a lot, especially regarding communication with the venue, finance management and teamwork.

"The whole process was made a lot easier by a creative and supportive team who were quick and willing to work together to get things done. I would say that effective teamwork was the most important aspect in this success-story."

Georgina Sinclair, added:"We had to use our problem-solving skills and gave each other tasks and assignments, which definitely contributed to our experience and skills in event management. I felt we all had our strengths and were able to contribute effectively in order to create a successful event that everyone seemed to really enjoy.

"Stacy, the event organiser at Revolution, was very helpful and professional and even asked us if we would like to organise another similar event before we finish in May, which was great feedback for us."

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