Monday, 27 January 2014

Amy gets in the Team Spirit

We encourage our undergraduates to gain practical event experience to put their studies into context.

Third Year student Amy Grundy is currently on a 48-week placement with Team Spirit,Oldham. She took time out from her busy schedule to tell us how things were going:

"Team Spirit is like a family - I was included straightaway. I have been very busy working behind the scenes to prepare for a number of events for high-profile clients including Pepsico, Virgin Media and Dunhumby. I've also worked on the events themselves.

"My favourite event was one for the graduation scheme of a large construction company, where the participants worked in teams to construct a playhouse from scratch.

"I was responsible for organising one of the teams for the whole day, which was slightly daunting but a great learning experience. I also had great fun working on the Virgin Media Christmas party for their call centre staff."

Event Managers have to work very hard in the background to make everything appear effortless to the customer, but Amy says it doesn't feel like work: "I love this placement. I can’t start to explain how good it is. I get paid to do brilliant things and forget it's a job. I could do this for my career."

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