Monday, 26 September 2016

Samantha is Having a True American Experience!

What made you chose to study your course?
I had prior completed a BTEC Diploma within Hospitality and events within college, and had the urgency to remain in the sector, and due to a craving for more education I decided to look for the best fit.

Why did you chose UCLan?
UCLan presented Event Management as a course that would enable me to extend my learning and gain industry experience that would set me on a par or even excel other candidates within the job market. Not only did UCLan sell the course as an amazing self-investment, but from the moment I stepped foot on the grounds I was thoroughly welcomed and continuously assured. I was assured that I would receive multiple industry opportunities and connections, with the added opportunity of travel and an opportunity to work within America.

What are you doing in your career now? 
I am currently interning at the Broken Sound Country Club in Florida. I was recruited by BSG (Butler Search Group). BSG annually place multiple UCLan students at high end country clubs within Florida and New York. Giving students the opportunity to intern for 6-12 months.

I am positioned at the clubs pool bistro, providing a fast turnaround service to members through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additionally I work within the main dining facilities, serving during buffet and a la carte within banquets and high budget events such as Bar Mitzvah. 

Please tell us about the journey that got you to this position:
Starting 2nd year of University I was adamant and determined to secure an internship in which I would complete as my 3rd year of university. UCLan encourage students to take a year out in industry to better the transfer of real life experience to theory within final year of study. The journey to securing this position was difficult and occasionally character testing.

Throughout second year I had applied to 20+ internships and after no success I had started to doubt my abilities. But then there came BSG; I had originally missed the presentation that they had hosted within UCLan; I was unsure as to whether or not I could handle moving abroad for a year, as their placements are within America. After much deliberation and an encouragement from UCLan I decided to just go for everything. So that’s what I did, I sent an email to Rasheeda Butler and assumed of hearing nothing back; 3 interviews later I had secured the job. Without the connections that UCLan offer I would not be living in America, completing an internship for 12 months right now.

What would you say to potential students who want to study your course at UCLan?
Just give it a go. You never know whether or not you can do something if you don’t give it a try. The real life opportunities that our presented at UCLan are admirable. 

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