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Nadia Rumyantseva

Hello! My name is Nadia and I have recently graduated from UCLan with an Event Management degree! 

I chose to study Event Management because I have always had a big passion for the music events industry and really wanted to explore this career path further. During my studies, I learnt the necessary skills and knowledge, not only in this discipline but, loads of others, such as marketing and business management. 

I chose to complete a Sandwich year and gain valuable skills in the industry. The UCLan Event Management staff provided me with plenty of support with employment skills while I was looking for a suitable placement. I secured a placement at Vibe Tickets - a tech start up. It has ended up being an amazing opportunity to excel my skills in a workplace, even if it was not directly event based.

Luckily, after graduation, I have been able to secure a role in the same company as a Marketing Executive. Since then, Vibe Tickets have been endorsed by Virgin Media and became finalists in Virgin Media VOOM 2016 competition. 

Vibe Tickets is a tech start up that helps fans buy and sell spare tickets at a fair price. You can find out more on our website My current role involves digital marketing, social media marketing, working directly with our tech team on product testing and customer service via our Twitter @HelpMeVibe (tweet me if you need spare tickets). 

My cat Egor (pictured left) has just secured a job at Vibe Tickets too! 

Jack Barron (left) joined our programme after serving five years with the British Army Duke of Lancaster's regiment, during which time he was deployed to Afghanistan twice and wounded while on tour.

Still passionate about the Army, Jack continued to serve the Army Reserves and worked four days a week with the Army Outreach team to fund his course.

He went on to achieve a First Class Honours Degree and returned to UCLan in September 2014 to undertake a Master's in Marketing and Public Relations. Jack said: "I remember sitting in my patrol base wondering what I wanted to do, then my mum sent me a brochure for UCLan.

"I've never been very academic so education never really appealed to me, but I've always been interested in event management. When I was younger I was a DJ around Preston, before putting on events of my own. As a mature student I did feel the age gap at times, but I came to University at the right time for me, as I don't think I'd have had the motivation at 18.

"I love the Army, so returning to education was a bit of a culture shock, but it was the best decision I've made. I had a cracking time and the hard work was worth it. My lecturers were fantastic and the whole experience has been so important for my personal development."

Jack has also set up a marketing and events company for the licensed trade, with a view to taking this full time once he completes his Master's. The company, Rebel Marketing and Promotions, has already worked with UCLan's Students' Union, The Blackpool Illuminations Switch On and numerous events and venues around Preston.

Sinead Renouf graduated in 2009 before taking a Master’s in Marketing at UCLan. She now works as a Product Manager for global media medical company Teleflex and is busy travelling the world: "I've created two campaigns which have been rolled out globally, so travel is an extensive part of my job.

"I'm also the main organiser of global events, either by co-ordinating or supporting the various offices around the world. I'm now working on three new campaigns to support our flagship product launch within the new markets and to support and enhance sales for our developed market.

Luke Wrigley became European Event Coordinator with Schenker Ltd – an international logistics company – after graduating in 2011. He has already travelled to Dubai, Hamburg, Paris and Turkey and admits his time at UCLan opened his eyes to Event Management:

"My degree definitely helped me get recognised for the interview to get my job. Having a good academic understanding helps with everyday work, and I also gained new social skills which is helpful when meeting with clients.

"Since joining Schenker I've had an article published in their magazine for some work I did on a large event. This helped maintain a close relationship with the client and helped to get myself noticed. We're a member of the AEO awards (Association Event Organisers) which some of my colleagues have already won, and this drives me on to one day achieve such recognition."

Jennifer Wilkinson (right) graduated in 2012 and has gone on to secure her dream role in the industry. She said: "I'd always been interested in events and when I looked into the course I knew it was the right choice to make. I attended a few open days and met some of the tutors who were very helpful.

"I have a number of lasting memories of UCLan, but I would say my trip to Cambodia was a wonderful experience. This helped me become more confident as a person, being totally out of my comfort zone, and also allowed me to see another part of the world.

"The course offers the opportunity to gain work experience for a year. I secured a position for two days a week with a very large florist working on business and events. After graduation I carried on working there until I found my dream job at Eaves Hall in West Bradford, Clitheroe.

"I'd advise students to never give up – there'll always be some obstacles in the way and you need to work hard to get over them, but it's all worth it in the end. I'd also say get as much experience as possible in the job role you intend to undertake."

Laura Williams joined Farington Lodges near Preston, one of the 15 Classic Lodges hotels, as Conference and Events Coordinator. She spent a year at JW Marriott in Indianapolis on placement, before graduating in 2013.

Her role includes liaising with brides and grooms, drawing up events schedules for the weddings, conferences, private parties, christenings, corporate days, birthdays, family events with the catering, bar and operations teams.

"I've always been one to organise social gatherings and I always wanted to go into events management," said Laura. "This was only confirmed by my time in the US where I experienced the role first hand and realised how much I enjoy every aspect of it."

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